Collateral Investment Lending

This investment is designed to create greater liquidity within the hedge masternode pools and enhance the returns to hedge platform users.

By lending other suitable coins to the hedged masternode platform. The lenders will have access to a collateral sum available for investment on the hedged masternode platform.

Loan Deposit

Loan Withdraw


What are the advantages?

The investor lends the coins, to be used on the platform which then generates other coins.

This could create a passive income or the opportunity to diversify their portfolio without having to sell other assets.

Other platform investors will benefit from enhanced returns as the loaned coins will either stake or generate MN rewards.

The extra liquidity available on the hedge MN pool may encourage others to purchase MoneyByte to keep their percentage share.

How much MoneyByte will be lent to you?

This will depend on the coin, history, quantity, price, stability, costs of staking/hosting. Our current estimate are between 50 and 75% of market value.

The proposal form will give you a true valuation offer which is valid for 7 days. You are under no obligation to accept this.

What about Withdraws?

The moneybyte investor that loaned coins can request a full return of there coin within 10 day of the end of the monthly, So it won't effect payouts.

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