Earn Bit₡ash using MoneyByte

This scheme enables you to participate in the rewards of a Bit₡ash Mining Pool without the risk of actually purchasing any Bit₡ash coins.

Please remember you are spending MON and than paid weekly in BITC.
You will need a Bit₡ash wallet address to proceed. 
Purchase as many seats/shares as you like for a weeks participation.
Your reward will be based on the amount of seats you purchase in this mining pool.

The rewards are based upon 90% of the Bit₡ash mined
between Sunday 0:00 GMT and Saturday 23:59GMT.

Seats will be allocated on a 1st come 1st served basis.
Any rewards from un-allocated seats will be retained for MoneyByte Development.
 The chart below shows the current availability and performance of the pool.

Each seat will cost 20 MoneyByte for a 1 week participation (10 Seats Max = 200 MON)


Bit₡ash Project

Bit₡ash Unique Features
    • 1. BITC - Bit₡ash Coin
    • 2. BITCD -Bit₡ash Dollar
    • 3. BITCG - Bit₡ash GOLD
  • Join Bit₡ash discord to find out more: Bit₡ash
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