Investing Tools

With MoneyByte financial investment tools we offer multiple investing options for all types of investors.

Hedged Masternodes

Store MoneyByte coins on a pool of your choice, and gain rewards from the coin of that pool. Hedged Pools is an unique investment vehicle! Most of the pools are funded by Masternodes. Masternodes are by far the most popular crypto feature to produce a passive income. We offer a portfolio of different Hedged Masternodes. But also there are pools running on PoS or even other pools. The unique part is the fact that only MON will be used to access these rewards and your MON stays your MON!

Hedged Mining

Proof of Work was the first consensus algorithm and Bitcoin was the first coin which used (and still uses) this consensus algorithm. Since then there came other consensus algorithms, like for example Proof of Stake. The gap between all those consensus algorithms became bigger and investing in both the same moment was imposible. MoneyByte has built an investment bridge between PoW and PoS so now you can invest in PoW using PoS and the other way around.

Fixed Interest Platform

In this tool you "lend" MON back to MoneyByte, which in turn is invested into MoneyByte masternodes. The income generated is then earned by the investors. Current rate payable is the equivalent of 1% (simple) per month.

MoneyByte Hedging

A hedging transaction is a position that a market participant takes in order to limit risks related to another position or transaction that the market participant is involved in. Hedging transactions are a common tool for businesses as well as portfolio managers looking to lower portfolio risks.

BTC Spread Betting

For every dollar price move between the opening and closing price you will gain or lose 1 MON. The BTC/USD price will be the mid price as shown on the ADVFN charts.

Mining For MoneyByte

AutoExchange to MoneyByte. Xserty Pool has now enabled you to mine with GPUs/CPUs the most profitable NeoScrypt coins and get paid in MoneyByte coins (MON)
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