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MoneyByte is digital money with investing use cases

We offer easy to use Blockchain Investment Tools. And our financial tools offer multiple options for all types of investors.

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Investment Options

All investors have a different attitude to risk. Attitude to risk is subjective and is likely to be influenced by current events or recent experiences.

When markets are rising we tend to feel comfortable with market risk,
when they are falling we do not.

Most people are not comfortable with the idea of losing money.
On the other hand we might regret it if we’ve been very cautious and our long term investments don’t produce the returns we need.

You can keep risks in line with your risk appetite by spreading your money across a range of different investments.

MoneyByte provides a variety of investment vehicles to help overcome this.


The Fixed Interest rate platform allows you to set and forget,with rewards distributed dependant on investement amount. Utilize the MoneyByte POS Servicves, or enable Proof-of-Stake on your own personal Moneybyte wallet.


Hedged Pools; use your MON to invest in a share of the rewards of 4x MoneyByte Masternodes and over 45 other Hedged Pools. Investment Mining offers the rental of Hashpower, or mining MoneyByte through Auto-Exchange.


Hedging and Spread Betting offers the holders of Moneybyte to chance to gain or lose MON. Returns are variable and depend on how the major crypto currencies perform. Currently there are 6 large crypto curruncies to hedge against.

Investment Platforms

Hedged Pools

We offer a diverse portfolio of different Hedged Pools. The uniqueness comes from fact that only MON will be used to access these rewards.

Fixed Interest Platform

In this tool you "lend" MON back to MoneyByte, which in turn is invested into MoneyByte masternodes. The income generated is then earned by the investors. Current rate payable is the equivalent of 6% APY.

Proof-Of-Stake Services

For a smalle fee MoneyByte investors can utilize the POS Services to earn rewards on their Proof-Of-Stake coins, with individual wallet addresses for each user. This allows users to gain to a return on their investment without running a PC 24/7.

Investment Mining

The Investment Mining platform offers Hashpower Rental, Hedged Mining Pools, and the option to mine MoneyByte. Xserty Pool has now enabled you to mine with GPUs/CPUs the most profitable NeoScrypt coins and get paid in MoneyByte coins (MON)

MoneyByte Hedging

A hedging transaction is a position that a market participant takes in order to limit risks related to another position or transaction that the market participant is involved in. Hedging transactions are a common tool for businesses as well as portfolio managers looking to lower portfolio risks.

BTC Spread Betting

For every dollar price move between the opening and closing price you will gain or lose 1 MON. The BTC/USD price will be the mid price as shown on the ADVFN charts.
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